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The Beast In The Killer Chapter 2 :icongamer097:gamer097 0 1
Mature content
The Beast In The Killer Chapter 1 :icongamer097:gamer097 1 0
2014 Michael Death Dawson The Hedgehog by gamer097 2014 Michael Death Dawson The Hedgehog :icongamer097:gamer097 5 6
The Nightmare Controller Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Tired & Tired Hedgehog
Raiden waited at the cafe for Michael to arrive. He had waited for the past 30 minutes for him, and usually he would be on time for meet-ups. 'Probably doing a contract,' Raiden thought. He never did like it when Michael was out being the killer he was. It just showed evil, and Raiden was a hero, and good and evil don't mix well together anyway.
Seeing Michael's car park on the curb, Michael got out, but he looked disheveled and tired, wearing the same jeans he had on yesterday. Michael's fur seemed to also fade some, but that was from the tiredness. Walking to Raiden, he did not give a greeting as he sat down, slouching in the metal chair.
"Damn dude," Raiden said, "You look terrible."
"I know," Michael's voice didn't sound well, "Rough nightmare. Car getting crushed. No sleep. I just don't feel right."
The waitress, seeing that the other one had arrived, went over to the table to get their order, "What would you two like?"
"Well he needs an extra
:icongamer097:gamer097 1 0
The Other Universes
The Other Universes
Summary: Zonic decides that Michael & Raiden should know of the other thems in the multiverse, but what they see is what they don't understand. Look-Back at the old versions of the two OCs. Takes place a few days before The Nightmare Controller.
Both Michael & Raiden had no idea where Zonic was leading them to. Zonic simply told them that they need to know of others' existence, and both didn't know what he meant. Zonic also threatened to steal back his dimensional watch if they refused, so without a choice, they went to the No Zone, and to their luck, they didn't have to break the laws of physics.
Coming upon a giant room with a walkway that went to the center, and little lights, the three walked in, and Michael & Raiden were amazed at the size of it all. "Welcome to the multiverse viewer gentlemen," Zonic said, "Bigger of an upgrade than a bunch of TV monitors."
"I'll say," Michael said.
"Now," Zonic said, "You two are the only ones of you to have any sense of othe
:icongamer097:gamer097 1 2
The Nightmare Controller Chapter 1
The Nightmare Controller
Summary: Dr. Eggman gets ahold of a nightmare launcher, and decides to torture a civilian by giving him nightmares. This civilian is Michael, and now Raiden has to take the role Michael used to have in helping to get the problem fixed. Horror elements implimented in the 3rd and 4th nightmares.
Chapter 1: The Nightmares Begin
If there was one place Raiden never went to, it was Michael's apartment. Raiden never bothered to go into Michael's apartment in fear of being left alone in a room with a killer, even if that killer was his best friend. But the desperate straights can come in instances, and when that comes, it has to be taken.
The desperate straight came when Raiden was running from the human bullies that attended his school. Sure, he could fight a Mobian bully if he wanted to, but humans were taller and bigger than him by a wide margin, so he really didn't want to pick a fight with them. Running through the streets, he saw the bullies cut off his routes on
:icongamer097:gamer097 2 0
South Park: The Stick Of Truth Avatar by gamer097 South Park: The Stick Of Truth Avatar :icongamer097:gamer097 1 8
Mature content
The Boom Of A Gun Chapter 2 :icongamer097:gamer097 1 0
Mature content
The Boom Of A Gun Chapter 1 :icongamer097:gamer097 2 0
Darkness The Hedgehog 2013 Logo by gamer097 Darkness The Hedgehog 2013 Logo :icongamer097:gamer097 3 0 A New Logo Arises (Pre-Final Version) by gamer097 A New Logo Arises (Pre-Final Version) :icongamer097:gamer097 0 0 A New Logo Arises (Beta Version) by gamer097 A New Logo Arises (Beta Version) :icongamer097:gamer097 0 17 Michael Darkness Dawson The Hedgehog-2013 by gamer097 Michael Darkness Dawson The Hedgehog-2013 :icongamer097:gamer097 7 3 New DeviantID by gamer097 New DeviantID :icongamer097:gamer097 0 0 gamer097 as a Mobian by gamer097 gamer097 as a Mobian :icongamer097:gamer097 1 0


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FA-Hourglass Blaze 2 (CHECK DESCRIPTION) :icondantiscus:dantiscus 168 17
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AT-Neverending sun protection spreading :icondantiscus:dantiscus 85 10
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Doodle: 'Where's the Other Piece?' :iconprdarkfox:prdarkfox 7 5
V-Fit Animation Teaser by Arrowny18 V-Fit Animation Teaser :iconarrowny18:Arrowny18 32 4


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Tagged by :iconjoseph-joeclone:

Now Onto the rules
1. You have to post ALL the rules

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves

3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer

4. Choose 13 people

5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people

6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags

7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED

8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry

9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks  (I dont really care about this part just please get it done)

10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description

13 facts about me

1. I co-host a twitch channel at and also am a frequent viewer and participant of

2. You can find my steam by searching gamer097 steam.

3. I think the space direction Infinite Warfare is going has damaged my love for Call Of Duty.

4. I've become more of a furry than a Sonic fan.

5. You usually find me on Team Fortress 2 or furaffinity.

6. I think no games are bad unless technically flawed up the ass or unfair.

7. I find myself having YouTube on as background noise.

8. I don't get pissed off at hate comments at all.

9. I check here once in a while.

10. I do tagged stuff unless I have to draw.

11. I am a big perv, but I know when to stop.

12. I'm bi-gay.

13. I don't bother updating this profile anymore.

Asked Questions:

1. What's something underrated (game, comic, show, fanfic) that you want to get some more recognition? I rarely see anyone talk about the Call Of Juarez series at all. I enjoy that series a lot.
2. Did you watch educational cartoons as a child? Somewhat.
3. What age did you start to use cuss words? 15 or 16
4. Favorite kind of soup? I don't drink/eat soup.
5. If you listen to video game music, do you prefer the classic chiptune or fully orchestrated tracks? Both
6. What character did you want to win the Smash Ballot besides Bayonetta? If you wanted her you can say your second choice. Shadow The Hedgehog.
7. Should Nintendo make more Muppets like in Iwata's last Nintendo Direct and the Star Fox Zero commercial?  What Muppets would you want to see? Keep it with Star Fox and Nintendo Direct.
8. What character should PlayStation have as their mascot? Sly Cooper. It's made the PS2 stable.
9. Describe your OC if you have one. They've changed so much, but it's illegal to say it here.
10. What book series have you read?  Comic books included. Harry Potter
11. Do you have a favorite YouTuber?  Who? Probably jacksepticeye or Nostalgia Critic.
12. Favorite musical instrument? Electric Guitar
13. One word that sounds epic to you, GO!!! Quad-kill!

My Questions:

I'm going to stop here, cause I only wanted to do part of this.

Transferring Accounts:

So I haven't done much here except favorite stuff. That's because I kind of grew up into 19 and have gone more......sexual. If you want to communicate with me here, that's fine. But i'm more likely now to respond at… because I'm more generating dirty ideas than clean ones. That, and I've grown out of the Sonic fandom nearly. So go watch me there if you still care.
  • Listening to: My Music
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Medium Buffalo Wings
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper Cherry


Michael Dawson
United States
Name: gamer097
Age: 16
Interests: Klonoa, Sonic, WWE, NASCAR, Sly Cooper
Relationships: None. Anyone want me?
Owns: Cmdr. Bolt, Cmdr. Surge, and Michael Dawson



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